Our mission is to Make Disciples


We dream of 1000 Feasts all over the world.

By the year 2020, we dream of having 100,000 members attending our gatherings, 50,000 attending our caring groups, all committed to daily time with God, giving tithes regularly, and always striving to bring others to the community. We dream of 10,000 ministry leaders lovingly leading and feeding their sheep. We dream of 1000 chapters and chapter leaders all over the country and beyond. We dream of 300 gifted lay teachers in the community.

By the year 2020, we dream of SHEPHERD’S VOICE reaching 5% of the Philippine population, with KERYGMA (and other feature magazines) printing 1 million copies; DIDACHE/GABAY (and other daily reflection guides) printing 3 million copies; COMPANION (and other scripture diaries) printing 1 million copies; Audio tapes and books selling 50,000 copies per title; and a weekly TV show reaching 5 million viewers.

By the year 2020, we dream of ANAWIM having 10 branches in different parts of the country, caring for 500 of the poorest of the poor.

By the year 2020, we dream of the LIGHT OF JESUS COUNSELING CENTER offering 24-hour telephone counseling, correspondence counseling, individual and group counseling, recovery support groups, training of counselors and teaching communities to become healing communities--directly helping 5000 people a year.

By the year 2020, we dream of the LIGHT OF JESUS WITNESS CITY built on a 10 hectare property, containing a Retreat House and Prayer Center, an ANAWIM Center, and a few residential homes.

By the year 2020, we dream of the LIGHT OF JESUS building, a community office with multi-function halls in the heart of the metropolis.

The goal of this vision is to present to God as many Christlike disciples as we can on the last day.