Storytelling here. Storytelling there. One of my passions is Read-Along Storytelling. Doing it makes me happy for the promotion of literacy. I see to it that I prepare the story before the event. I think of new ideas on how to motivate the kids, how to expand their imaginations, how to deepen the story and how to conclude it. How to apply it to their real world is one thing. I love the discussion of its morale. I fortify the story by carefully adding up in the preparation the author’s background. I do this so that the children can comprehend the story well. I also go into the details of its presentation.

I am so fond of using different props. Oftentimes, I use a lot! It's fun to dress up based on the story's theme. So I wear a wig! For me, using it is a great hair day! Every time I wear one, I feel like I'm in my W.I.G mode, which stands for Wish It Good! Funny, indeed, but it works for me! 

My wig comes in different colours such as - blonde, orange, blue, violet, red, green, etc.; and styles like- straight, curly, layered or bob-cut, etc.; this includes whether it is long or short… Well, the truth is- it’s not only a part of my costume and storytelling’s actual performance but it is also a fancy, humorous way to get the children’s attention. Feeling B.I.G.! Believe me It’s Good!

Wearing it is trendy nowadays to imitate the cosmic characters, super heroes, saints, popular celebrities or ordinary folks. Definitely, wearing it stimulates the children.  Those tots look at me once I appear before them. They know that there’s another interesting story that they love to listen and learn. They are really excited!

Yes, I put on a wig for another special reason. I portray a character or the narrator of the story because I love to play different roles. I love doing it to fulfil a hush-hush dream. Secret!... Can you guess; what is it?

Yet one thing’s sure with or without a wig, I don’t disguise my real appearance. I don’t conceal my genuine identity. I am true to myself. I’m just trying all my best to be an amusing storyteller… that’s it!... And to be God’s “new creation” as stated from 2 Corinthians 5:17 for every distinct and unheard story to tell.

WIG (Wish It Good) and BIG (Believe It’s Good)…Oh, just a pun for fun!                            

Composed by: Lucy Lombos