Call for The Quarterly Manna Contributors – Light of Jesus’ Newsletter

Light of Jesus, St. Mary’s Parish, Joyce St., Vancouver, BC, Canada

The LOJ’s Multi-Media and Communications Team is looking for Contributors to voluntarily write and share their thoughts and love for Jesus.

Here are the rewards you can expect when you become a Volunteer-Contributor of our Newsletter:

1.       A way to serve the Lord and His people.

2.       A medium to express your ideas.

3.       An opportunity to enhance your writing skill.

4.       A chance to help other people by sharing your thoughts and feelings.

5.       A shining moment (or recognition) to inspire other people.

6.       A connection to gain friends.

7.       A breather, a break from the daily routines.

8.       An affiliation with a religious group where sense of belongingness is felt.

9.       An addition to your professional development.

10.    A possibility to lead and land into a dream job. (The Lord shows the way. He is actually the Way.)

For inquiries, please contact any of the following MM&Com Team-

Oggie Reyes, Goldie Lombos, Sam Cezar


Lucy Lombos


Email Add-

Date: February 20, 2016