Wintertime-Good Samaritan-Come-Alive

It’s winter time once again. A lot of activities, like skiing and snowboarding, can still be done amidst snowflakes and flurries on vast majority of land. Fancy and fun for everyone! Imagine snow all around, being showered and blown on the roads and on top of the mountains.

One of the exciting and thrilling interests is snow-shoeing. Well, snow-shoeing is a good sport or the activity of walking over snow. It is engaging oneself in deep snow.

It was January 5, year 2016- I vividly remember when my sweethopes (that’s my endearment to my three, wonderful children) and I went to Cypress Mountain Ski Area, West Vancouver, BC, Canada for a different kind of physical recreation. How would someone feel being a first-timer on this pleasurable sport? For us, it was something new and zestful, of course! It was a bustling joy to me. In fact I forgot my foot injury.

However, it was a little bit scary when we got lost because the bus did not drop us to the right place where we could go for that particular pastime. We were composed. We could manage ourselves well. So we walked and walked on the grizzled land, perambulating in the middle of the tract of snow… Yes, snow everywhere! On this seemingly nowhere, just imagine that even our eyelashes, lips, hands and feet became almost frosty. Oh no! We didn’t like to be creamy snowmen on the roads. Geesh, something was going strange!

All of a sudden, we noticed we were already very far from the main, terminal station. Then, all of us swiftly felt that the place was creepy. We could sense the eerie. We could hear the frightening crows of the birds atop the evergreens. We could see people driving their cars so hurriedly and nobody would offer to bring us to the destination whenever we would try to hitchhike. We were like paranoids who could feel the arrival of the big bears with their baby bears. Everything seemed a gut-feel of a signal of danger. We became so afraid.

We stopped and held our hands together. In deep silence, we could hear the beating of our hearts, longing for a Saviour. We prayed! We summoned the protection of the Father. We called upon the Holy Spirit to enlighten our minds on what to do; to guide us and guard us on our way. Heaving a deep sigh of both relief and grant of our prayers, we continued to tread the long and niveous road, armed with hope and faith.

Cars were showing over and over but as expected they ignored us once again. Until, we decided to just move along and gave it another try, the last stretch. Until… Hurray! Yahoo!  Upon God’s mercy and compassion, one Japanese guy fully stopped his car and opened its right doors, the one at the front seat and the one at the back. He smiled and let us in. We immediately got in the car because we were so impressed and touched by his kindness.

He asked us where he would bring us and we told him up there on the mountain where the snow shoeing activity was reserved and arranged. We warmly exchanged conversations, though we were already cold. He was truly a very nice guy. A gentleman, indeed! Later, he halted his car. We didn’t make a mistake trusting him. He was so fatherly!

“Thank you! You are one of a kind!” I remarked.

“That’s not a big problem. I have a son, waiting for me but I saw you,” the Japanese guy said.

“Do you have money?” he asked.

“Oh yes, thank you so much!” in unison, my sweethopes and I replied.

“You, take care, guys!” he concluded.

“You, too! God bless you,” we all happily said.

“Hope to meet you again,” I added.

He just smiled back.

Then, his car screeched and he drove away back to Vancouver Downtown.

The four of us felt so blessed and we couldn’t forget this extraordinary story.

“He could be the Wintertime-Good Samaritan-Come-Alive”, I commented.

“Yes, heaven-sent!” my sweethopes agreed.


by Lucy Lombos