The 12th World Congress of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays

       A lot of people travel to other countries for leisure or business, but most of the time it is an inseparable duo. However, here’s a Pause for a Cause! ... Recently, the five Philippine delegates flew out from their homes and participated in the 12th World Congress of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays (WMBB) which was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last October 29 to November 3, 2016.

             The World Congress was beyond the environmental cum cultural gathering of the officers and members of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays (WMBB) Club. Seventy-seven (77) countries participated in this congress. It was the concerted effort of reporting updates of the world’s most beautiful bays, of identifying each bay’s issues, of committing resolutions to conserve the big body of water, and ultimately raise awareness to everyone, and spread the knowledge and values of love, appreciation and taking care of the bays to save our planet Earth. This was also the application and acceptance of other countries to become a member of this club. Hence, presentation and awarding were part of the congress. World-class assemblies and ceremonies were done. The WMBB never ceased to amaze the public at large for its well-organized programs and activities.

             The Philippine Delegation was composed of Ara d’Aboville, head delegate and her sister Rosario Valenzuela; Daniel T. Enriquez, Puerto Galera’s resident Marine Biologist; Sofia Domenica Lombos, Consular and Diplomatic Affairs graduate of De La Salle University, our youth representative; and Luz E. Lombos, ESL, TESOL, Reading & Writing teacher, Children’s Book Author and WMBB advocate since 2009 who functioned as the official journalist of the group. They were formal yet on the loose in the host country, the vibrant Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

             The host country provided warm hospitality, full assistance and fantastic entertainments. Spectacular shows were prepared especially the “Rhythm of the Nights” at Caletas Island that was aglowed with more or less 5,000 torches and candles. We were provided with the sumptuous meals and gala dinner and famous beverages especially Tequila (the Mexican water as they say) which the host country has been known for so many years and in which we really revelled so much. We were amazed with their Day of the Dead Festival and their love for Our Lady of Guadalupe, hence this was worth more than a million ways to promote and share their rich culture. Our sincerest thanks and great respect to all organizers, most especially: to Maria das Dores Meira, President of the World Most Beautiful Bays; to Ing. Arturo Davalos Pena, Puerto Vallarta’s Mayor; to Ramon Gonzalez Lomeli, Director of Mexico’s Tourism Development and to his coordinators, Aida Almada, Alexandra Gonzalez, Ulises Hernandez and to all staff and to Canto del Sol personnel for such a successful event… Our heartfelt congratulations!

             Not only the natural beauty, their people’s charisma and services, their unique logos, landmarks and animal symbols like the Seahorse, Iguanas, Dolphins and a lot more were seen but also the values and traditions practiced in Mexico with their much embraced bygone years or historical Spanish heritage and influences. Very important, the stewardship of Mexico’s Banderas Bay was an admiration, true as well to other participating countries.

             Well, for our beloved Philippines, we featured and reported the recent developments of the pride and joy of our country: the acclaimed paradise-like Puerto Galera’s Muelle Bay, located in Oriental Mindoro. The delivery and performance were also well-applauded. Further, it was announced that Puerto Galera, being the host country last February 2016, was incredible. Thanks to Hubert d’Aboville and his wife Ara d’Aboville with Daniel Enriquez’ succour for spearheading this worldwide project.

             Moreover, the Philippine’s official journalist was among the selected five (5) journalists to join in the fine dining at the Café des Artistes, the renowned restaurant at the heart of Puerto Vallarta, serving the best Mexican, French and other International cuisines. That was the time when the journalists and Thierry Blouet, the passionate owner chef and promoter of Puerto Vallarta’s Festival Gourmet exchanged their background or career stories and how they would tell the world about these honourable and noteworthy deeds of the club, including the excellent experience of splendid dining in a jungle-fairyland setting of the restaurant. Everyone in the group loved the moment!

             Another remarkable note was when we discussed how our gaze fell upon the beauty of all the bays; awesome creations, indeed! We reflected that Someone Almighty, the Giver of Life and Beauty made them all. In our social discourse, there were implied praises to the Creator regardless of our religion!... And things happened for a purpose.

             This great event was marked with a sincere sense of social responsibility, a genuine socio-cultural concern for the citizenry. It was an “once-in-a-lifetime stop” to promote a cause about our bays because through them we believe that we are all united. The significance of the event was absolutely an impact giving a human interest and understanding.

             We are calling the attention and support of everyone to take care of our bays. We hope by this world congress we inspire the people to take part also by doing their humble contribution in guarding and protecting the bays. Small steps will definitely produce giant results.


Lucy E. Lombos

November 10, 2016