RIP, Sec. Jesse Robredo

It is a sad day for Bicolanos like myself and to the Filipino people as we lost another good servant in the person of Jesse Robredo, Sec. DILG. I do not know him personally but I am so grateful for all the things he has done for my city. He was the mayor of Naga for six terms, and even though i have not been to Naga in years, back in 2009 when I last visited, I was so delighted with the city’s progress, thanks to his dedication, service and good governance. I want to honor Sec Jesse today and thank him for all his time, talent and service to the people. I am deeply saddened by this loss, but at the same time consoled that we now have a prayer partner in heaven who will intercede for us. He will now be in the company of angels unceasingly praising and honoring our heavenly Father and praying for us as well. May i ask, my LOJ family to please say a prayer for the eternal repose of our dear Jesse Robredo.

Thank you and may God bless us all.

Peachy Palma-Manrique

Special message from LOJC-Vancouver:

As we are in the initial stages of setting up LOJC & the Kerygma Feast, we encourage everyone to please help us pray everyday, with this prayer @ 10:00pm or @ your convenient time. At this designated time daily, let’s all join our hearts & minds & be one in Jesus with this prayer. Thank you! God bless you & your families! Dear loving Father,

We give You praise, honor & glory!

We come together today, in Spirit & in Truth, to lift up all our plans, needs & concerns & endeavours, in building Your assembly through the Kerygma Feast & the Light of Jesus Community in Vancouver. May our humble service be a delightful & fragrant offering to You.

Dear Father, we offer You this whold activity & all other things connected to it. May all our needs in all areas be provided in time. May You lead us to a perfect venue to always celebrate the Feast every month, & may You fill that particular place with Your children. We pray for openness in heart, mind & spirit of all people, groups & communities who will be there.

We ask Your Holy Spirit to touch our hearts & enlighten our minds, so that we may be strengthened, nourished, guided & blessed, especially those who go about preparing, organizing, setting & doing these tasks. We pray for conversion & transformation of every one present.

We humbly ask You, Dear Father, for Your good Spirit to always fill this monthly celebration. Your Spirit of Love, Joy, Honesty, Peace, Belongingness, Conviction, Unity, Worship, Truth, Order, Renewal, Zeal, Enthusiasm & Belief.

You alone know our strengths as well as weaknesses, our talents & inadequacies, so that we also plead to You, our Dear Father, for Your grace to release Your gifts upon Your people, during this community assembly. May everyone allow themselves to be open to receiving Your blessings & miracles, that they may experience Your Holy Presence & Your abundant love!

We pray, that as they receive, they will also give more than what they receive. May they spread & share with others, the glory of what You will do to them in the Feast & the Light of Jesus’ meetings.

May You be so glorified, O Dear Father, in our Kerygma Feast celebration!

Mother Mary, be with us & surround us with the mantle of your love. Continue praying & interceding for us, that we may all be drawn ever nearer to your Son, Jesus Christ!

All these we ask in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen

Our Father… Hail Mary.. Glory Be..