This past weekend , God has revealed to me His greatness and awesomeness. My family went RVing (camping) to Manning Park BC and in those 3 days experienced the outdoors – savoring the fresh clean air, the sun making my skin glow with a natural bronze, the gentle breeze brushing against my cheeks; the cool, refreshing water of the lake providing a spa-like pleasure to my body, the woodpecker making its rhythmic tapping sound on the trees, the ray of sunlight peaking though the treetops, the stillness and tranquility of the evening; the sweet smell of wildflowers and grass while hiking, long walks with the dog, story-telling under the stars, and a warm campfire in the evening with family and friends….

God in his greatness made all this simple joys for me to enjoy and realize that He does love me. If I can see beauty in all things, then I can see and feel God’s presence. All the more I understand His awesomeness is when I was able to make new friends, forge lasting friendships, strengthen bonds with family members, including the dog. Lastly, God is an awesome God because he gave me a restful, stressless weekend , reenergized my body, and granted joy in my heart for the memories to treasure forever.

If I am stressed or encounter challenges and trials, now I can be consoled and comforted with just the thought that God will provide for me a haven of restfulness, of peace and comfort thru the inspiring beauty of his creation! I can only imagine how sweet it is in Paradise, where all forever praise and glorify Him.

Our God is an awesome God.

Peachy Manrique

Aug 22, 2012